The California Appellate Court has recently ruled that the graduated filing fees enacted in 2006 violate the California Constitution.    The filing fee in all probate cases is now held at $320.00 - See Estate of Claeyssens (2008), 161 Cal.App.4th 465

Do you need help administering a probate estate?   Are you unsure about what needs to be done?  Have you read the do-it-yourself information and are you confused?

Or maybe you need help to close a probate estate for which you have been acting as your own attorney ("in pro per") - and now you don't know what to do?

Don't worry - We can help you.    We can save you time and effort and maybe save you some money. 

In some simple probate cases we may even be able to give you a discount on the statutory fees - if, at the end of the case, it turns out it was indeed a simple case and you were able to complete your tasks as personal representative and move the case to a prompt close.    Be sure to ask us for details on a possible discount when you first contact us.

I am a licensed California attorney and I have worked in Estate Planning & Estate Administration since 1981.   In addition to my regular office legal practice, I now offer my Probate and Trust Administration legal services online for some of my clients who need to administer an estate matter, but who don't need or want to come in to the office for simple or routine estate administration matters, and who prefer to work with me on simple or routine estate administration matters mostly by email, by phone, and by fax.   

I can help you with the legal work necessary to administer the estate of a California resident who has died.   We can 

  • Open a new Probate Estate (with or without a Will) and administer the estate through the Order for Distribution to the entitled parties 
  • Start the Administration of a Living Trust and help you through the steps you need to take so that you can make distribution to the entitled parties
  • Help you make distributions to beneficiaries and heirs
  • Complete Spousal Property proceedings without probate
  • Complete Small Estate proceedings without probate
  • Help you finish a probate estate for which you have been acting as your own attorney ("in pro per")

You can provide me with most of the information and documents which we will need by email, phone or fax, or by regular mail.   I can mail you completed legal forms for your signature using the information which you provide to me.   For most simple or routine estate administration matters the need for you to personally come to my office can be avoided or reduced.

If a court proceeding is necessary I can also help you with those services, including necessary court appearances made either by me or another licensed attorney working with me on your behalf.

If you are the Executor of a Will of a decedent which now needs to be probated, or the Trustee of a Trust which now needs to be administered, I will be happy to discuss your  estate matter with you.

Please note
that I do not give tax, accounting, or financial advice
.  You will need to have an accountant to assist you with the accounting and tax matters that arise during the administration of the estate, and you will need a financial advisor to help you with the financial decisions that may need to be made during the administration of the estate.

Please also note
that I will
not render "second opinions", or become involved in a legal matter in which you already have hired an attorney.   I may be able to help you in a legal matter in which you have already been acting as your own attorney ("in pro per").    I do not offer estate planning, estate litigation, or will contest services through this website.

If you are an Executor or Successor Trustee who now needs to administer an estate, and if you would like to discuss that estate matter with me, please use the Contact Us link to find out what information and documents you need to provide to me so that I can help you, and to find out how to reach me.

I look forward to hearing from you, and working with you.


Genevieve Wall, Attorney at Law